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The Tango Project Game, scoring presentation 2012, is an innovative presentation of the Tango Project score, written in the Invisible Score method, The Tango project was created by composer and artist Keren Rosenbaum and is based on ongoing documentaries of the original score Tango First.


Inspired by the ideas that comprise Tango; the close embrace, small steps and syncopated rhythmic body work, and incorporating ideas like movement, sound and visual elements that vary in timing, speed and character that do not follow specific rhythms, the Tango is led and follows at the level of individual steps, bodies become instruments, the partners do not mirror each other’s steps, they can lead with other elements resulting in new fascinating combinations.


New technologies such as the Kinect (Microsoft’s motion sensor add-on for the Xbox 360 gaming console) provide a natural user interface (NUI) that allows players to interact intuitively and without any intermediary device, such as a controller.

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