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Reflex 10th anniversary 1999-2009 is a daring multi-national, thirty-five and more members ensemble, on an ongoing quest to erase the boundaries between art, technology and live performance, with a unique inner logic and counterpoint between sound and vision.


This modern music ensemble, founded by Rosenbaum in 1999, After "New Voices" (the first interdisciplinary festival in Israel), is a unique collective of classical, jazz and rock musicians as well as actors, dancers, joined by lighting, sound artists, photography, video artists and designers, from Israel, Europe and the U.S.


The ensemble’s members are among the leading figures in the contemporary world art, music and performance scene. Since 1999 the ensemble produced “Reflex1”, “Reflex2”, “Reflex3 Duet for violin and spotlight”, “Reflex4 Bowing Steam” and Reflex5 Reflex Quartet” challenging the old-school classical music tradition in its focus on performance, openness to new technologies and incorporating all the different art forms as members.


In 2005 Reflex gave its New York premiere at the Chelsea Art Museum, “Blowing Steam” gathering 40 members from all over the world, the success of the performances led to the foundation of the Reflex Quartet in Netherlands as well as invitation for performances around the world, Reflex is the ensemble in residence at the Project Room & The Chelsea Art Museum dedicated to the vision of the “New Orchestra”.

“…the freshness of your music's came from a form of collaboration. Each contributor remained autonomous and authentic within this new collaboration and without any polishing, softening or diminishing of its harsh, noisy and rough nature. To me, that is a huge inspiring and motivating model for the healing of us human beings, “…the healed self retaining its group diversity, contradiction, and even the true ugliness in certain parts however the sum of it all is fresh, vital and alive. (by a letter from an audience member to the following Bowing Steam performance)

Produced by THE PROJECT ROOM - the special projects and education division of the Chelsea Art Museum,

Nina Colosi, Producer/curator

“…“Reflex” vision. It is the epitome of the ‘new orchestra.’ The musicians on stage, as well as the off-stage lighting, sound and visual artists, in red coveralls are all ‘performers’. The visual experience is no less breathtaking than the music.


“…It was an unexpected and at times disarming experience. “You have to see this to believe it,” one attendee remarked, “I think every concert of serious music should be choreographed like this.”…

“....Reflex is bold and in your face – it’s like the rock music of contemporary classical music.” (From article “Concert without walls”, Nina Colosi, Founder, The Project Room)

"....The music is at times kicking and at times caressing, but constantly intriguing - and breathing. Not as a metaphor, but literally." (Boaz Cohen, Yediot Aharonot Daily Newspaper)


"....Charismatic performers. The sturdily subversive Ms. Rosenbaum is an inspired choice of accomplice. May the three soon perform again together" (by Jennifer Dunning published (January 9, 2006, NYtimes)


(c) REFLEX ensemble, since 1998

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