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Diffusion composed in 2000 originaly for "Women Festival Hulun" commissiond by Ha'bama Orchestra conducted by Talia Ilan. (First peformance piano played by Michal Solomont).


Diffusion experimental recording party, held in 2000 just before moving to NY.


November 29th the recording and filming of Diffusion for Piano & 12 instrumentsKeren Rosenbaum 2002 The Reflex Ensemble:


Conductor - Talia Ilan 

Piano - Maya Dunietz

Violin – Saida Bar-Lev (1st violin, Israeli Philharmonic)

Viola – Amir Van der Hal (viola, Israeli Philharmonic)

Cello – Tom Kellner

D.B. – Danny Felstiner

Electric Guitar – Eyal Solomon

Bass - Yotam Beeri

Piccolo – Keren Rosenbaum

Bassoon – Ayelet Balin (1st Bassoon, Israel Symphony Orchestra Accordion – Hagai Freshtman Trumpet – Yuval Shay-El Trombone – Gur Rotkop Tuba – Shemuel Hershko (Tuba, Israeli Philharmonic) Recorded by Ad Israeli



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