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WED 29.5.2013 | 21:00-22:00

War Again


A collaboration of 9 composers/performers, 2 poets, 4 players and Skype. Intitiative and production: Joe Pignato, Kiki Keren-Huss and Lior Pinsky.9 composers, 6 performers and 2 poets will form a one-time virtual ensemble to play pieces composed by a variety of composers and creators. The ensemble will be made up of a group of participants playing on the stage at Musrara and four who will play from remote locations in the U.S., Croatia, Ireland, and Germany. Their performances will be broadcast live via Skype on screens located on the stage.


Every composer has a set time frame. The different parts are cued in and out according to simple rules and they are the material the piece is made of. The theme of the piece is the ever relevant to our region: War.


Participants: Israel: Dan Weinstein - Cello Joseph Pignato (Israel, USA) - Composer, percussion Noa Frenkel (Israel, The Hague) - Artist, Vocals Shani Cohen - Vocals Ilan Green - Artist, Live electronics Zohar Eitan - Poet Yossi Marchaim - Composer Kiki Keren-Huss - Composer Eran Sachs - Composer Yoni Niv - Composer, live electronics Lior Pinsky - Composer Jurica Jelic – Croatia - composer, skype Keren Rosenbaum – New York - composer, skype Laurie Schwartz – Berlin - composer, skype Ivan Robertson – Dublin - writer, skype

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