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More than anything, “Blowing Steam”, Reflex Ensemble’s NYC debut, is a milestone, a rite of passage. For the Ensemble members, and for its founder, composer Keren Rosenbaum, the two performances at the Chelsea Art Museum and the Symphony Space Hall are a culmination of the six formative years of experimenting with experimentation.

Since its first program, prophetically dubbed “Reflex1”, Rosenbaum and Reflex produced a unique and uncompromising sound and visual, that further focused and developed in consequent programs and years. From the get-go, the Ensemble held a holistic approach to performance and performers, and its musicians, actors, dancers, photographers, video artists and sound and lighting designers, all share the same spotlight, or specifically, all wear the same red overall, the Ensemble’s trademark.


“Blowing Steam” brings together Reflex members from Israel, birthplace of the composer and the Ensemble, Europe, and New York, Reflex’s new home, to perform samples from each of the Ensemble’s programs, plus two world debuts. As in all Reflex performances, electric and electronic instruments, as well as pre-recorded electronic soundtracks and live electronics will be incorporated, alongside the classical acoustic instrumentation.


In “Blowing Steam” the Ensemble aims at setting the bar higher than ever before in terms of concept, intensity, and fusion between modern and classical art forms.For Reflex, the NYC debut is its sticking the flag in the lunar surface – meaning, a moment of great fanfare, but the real work begins with the last encore. And based on the success and acclaim the Ensemble has gained in its first six years, it’s safe to say that it is sure to become a mainstay in the local scene.


Reflex is presented by The Project Room @ Chelsea Art Museum, Producer/curator, Nina Colosi, with generous support from: Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York, Flying Machine, Electronic Music Foundation "Hip-Chips" - Laptop Music Festival, Columbia University , Julliard School of MusicCenter of Computer Music@Brooklyn College/ PIMA programc & The Consulate of Finndland in New York.


March 22nd, 8:00 The Chelsea Art Museum 556 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011 For tickets pleas call: 212-255-8166 (Galla event)


March 24th, 8:30 Thalia Theater @ Symphony Space 2537 Broadway New York NY 10025-6990 Tel: 212.864.1414 Fax: 212.932.3228



Participants: Donna Cheng: documenter (NY) Chris Bacas: saxophone (NY), Nina Colosi: producer (NY), Uri Dotan: video sculpture (NY), Christos Dovas: fashion design (NY/GREECE), Rivi Dror: ass producer (NY/ISR), Maya Dunietz: piano (ISR/UK), Danny Felsteiner: double bass (ISR/NL), Laura Harrison: clarinet (NY), Talia Ilan: conductor (ISR), Oshra Lapid ass producer (ISR), Yoni Niv: interactive electronics (NY/ISR), Patric McCarthy: electric guitar (NY), Matt Peebles: violin, (NYC/GR), Omer Rosenbaum: tech support (ISR/SEATTLE), Alona Peretz: actress (ISR), Neta Peretz: stage design (NY), Udi Pladott: interactive media (NY), Monya Pletsch: video installation (SWISS), Rob Ramirez: live electronics (NY), Janne Rattya: accordion (FL/AUSTRIA), Daniel Smith: sound (NY), Micha Riss Flying Machine: video animation & installation (NYC), Keren Rosenbaum: interdisciplinary composer and artistic director (NY), Gur Rotkop: trombone (UK), Eyal Solomon: Electric bass (NY), Eleni Savvidou: light design & installation (NY/GREECE), Cassie Terman: Actress (NY/SF), Fabienne van Eck: cello (NL), Kryssy Wright: light (NY), Kfir Ziv: photo documenter (NY)


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